APBC 35th Anniversary Conference 2024 – One World, One Health, One Welfare

We have had a wonderful time at the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) conference in Daventry this weekend.
Speakers from around the world discussed a variety of topics focusing on companion animals in the community – and taking a holistic approach to welfare from all aspects – animal, human and environment. This was a true multidisciplinary approach and I am very pleased of this tendency of integrated care when not only animal professionals (vets and nurses, dog trainers and behaviourists) but also human doctors and professors of human science and medicine are now widely included into discussions.
Grey definitely enjoyed being a part of this conference and being pet by so many people

Grey the Great!

With a great pleasure I announce that after successfully passing an unexpected assessment today for behaviour and obedience, Grey has become a formal member of NSARDA Kent as a trainee dog (with me as his handler). I am still a bit shaking but very proud of his achievement.
I found it very important that a dog that was bred for work has now got a proper real duty and profession


. More training ahead but Grey is doing really well.

There is a good news finally to change “neuter all that moves” approach from vets.
Veterinary Scientists are urging veterinarians to rethink old methods of neutering.
“There is growing evidence that surgical castration of dogs may not bring all the benefits previously assumed. Times have changed too, and vets and clients are increasingly questioning whether routine castration should continue to be considered best practice.”
Here are some headlines from Veterinary Record which is the official journal of the British Veterinary Association – BVA, which is the largest membership community for the veterinary profession in the UK.
Links will open for BVA members

Emergency Stop Training for puppies and adult dogs

Emergency Stop is a very helpful tool to operate your dog remotely if you need to for many different reasons. It could be a car, a road, another dog, working moments – anything that can put your dog in danger.
At Dog Training Planet we include this essential training into our basic puppy/dog course and it is also available for those owners that would like to master this on an advanced level. This is an ongoing training and we do this without any aversive techniques like e-collar etc.
In this short video Grey shows what you can achieve on an advanced level if you keep on practicing regularly. We started when he was a pup of 4 months old and he reached his advanced level by the age of 1.2 yo. He is 2 yo now and we are progressing on all levels with and without distractions. You will be able to do that on your own once you’ve got a training plan to help you to gradually progress.


We are deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who we  were proudly serving for some period of time since 2005.
Rest in Peace.

Separation disorders in dogs: Prevention and Treatment webinar

Lockdowns brought lots of pressure to dogs’ owners. Now, when we are  coming back to normal, we need to prepare our pets to cope with this.

Does your dog bark or cry endlessly when you leave? Is he actually able to stay on his own? Does he make your house redecorated/redesigned when left alone? Does he try to break the door or a window?
This workshop will help you and your dog to get ready for another significant change in life.
Separation disorders, either true or learned, are not easy to tackle. This is one of the major reasons for dogs being sent to rescue centres or put down in severe cases.
However, if you use the correct therapy process, you can significantly improve or eliminate this issue completely.

This webinar will take place on 15/04/21 at 7pm via Zoom. Tickets are available via the link below.


If you have any queries, please contact us:
email: james@dogtrainingplanet.co.uk
T. 07724 776698