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How to protect your dogs in this hot weather.

– Cooling mats
– Water
– Less walks outdoors during the day, especially under the direct sunlight. Try to have long walks before 8-9am and 7-9pm and at least one quick wee wee in between
– No intense exercises.
– Swimming is lovely if you are near any open water.
– Do not ever leave your dog in the car even for a minute! Dogs do die quick in cars.

Separation disorders in dogs: Prevention and Treatment webinar

Lockdowns brought lots of pressure to dogs’ ownership. Now, when we are  coming back to normal, we need to prepare our pets to cope with this.

Does your dog bark or cry endlessly when you leave? Is he actually able to stay on his own? Does he make your house redecorated/redesigned when left alone? Does he try to break the door or a window?
This workshop will help you and your dog to get ready for another significant change in life.
Separation disorders, either true or learned, are not easy to tackle. This is one of the major reasons for dogs being sent to rescue centres or put down in severe cases.
However, if you use the correct therapy process, you can significantly improve or eliminate this issue completely.

This webinar will take place on 15/04/21 at 7pm via Zoom. Tickets are available via the link below.


If you have any queries, please contact us:
email: james@dogtrainingplanet.co.uk
T. 07724 776698

Long Story short…

Long Story short

This is an absolutely exciting moment of your life – bringing a pup into your house. Most of us choose a dog as a companion. They do become our family members, our close and trusted friends. But when we start treating our furry friends as if they are “little people”, then we often face some issues in dog’s behaviour. Why? The very simple answer is – dogs are dogs and should be treated and appreciated as such.

Ages of domestication and selection made dogs highly adaptive to diverse human environment and above all of that stays the major one – their attachment to us. No, they are not “pack animals” as most of us used to think.

Dogs are dogs. We do share some basic emotions/feelings like fear, anger, stress, happiness and… yes, love. They do really love us and miss us when we are away. There would not be any bonds between us without emotions. What can we learn from it? Should we just stay home or give our dog to puppy nursery or bring a pet sitter when we are at work? No. The simple answer is – we need to teach our pets that staying alone is not a catastrophe but rewarding because we reunite. We need to properly expose our puppies to all range of different people, kids, situations, noises etc so you face no fear induced aggression or separation disorders in future.

The crucial period is from conception (yes, that is why it is important not to get puppies from puppy farms/mills as stressed mother living in miserable environment most likely will have puppies prone to separation disorders and fearful aggression) to about 11-12 weeks. By all means, puppies will still be adaptive later on up to about 10 months of age but the process will be relatively slower and at some point some issues may not be resolved at all.