Beware of scam and puppy farms!

Beware of scam and puppy farms!

High demand on puppies during lockdown and shortage of litters activated scammers of any sort and puppy farmers.

Please see warning signs of scams, thievs and farmers and stay safe.


  1. When you buy a puppy, his documents must include:

microchip certificate

vet records

pet passport with vaccinations

2. Never provide deposits before visiting breeder’s home to see puppies with their mother together. Scammers get your money and switch off their phones. Or you will get a call day or two prior getting a puppy telling you that puppy suddenly died. Genuine breeders will need to see a potential owner first and will be happy you to visit twice.

3. No excuses for not letting you see mother with puppies together. Say No to phone/zoom videos. You need to see your future pup in real time with its real mum and siblings if available. Fake mothers will not communicate with puppies. Do not agree to see puppies separately. Do not support puppy farms!

4. Check the postcode you are given by a breeder. See if it is a genuine. If the full address is not provided, do not go there. You may take time to travel and farmers will bring you puppies in a box with no mother at present. You must see them both within their normal environment.

5. Check images and phone numbers if they were used for other ads. Google and other searching engines help.

6. Do not rush choosing. The prices are at least twice high from average. It is worthy waiting a bit. Do a research, follow steps above and please remember your pup is not for a lockdown only when you have time and feel lonely. Pup will stay with you for at least 10-15 years.