Emergency Stop Training for puppies and adult dogs

Emergency Stop is a very helpful tool to operate your dog remotely if you need to for many different reasons. It could be a car, a road, another dog, working moments – anything that can put your dog in danger.
At Dog Training Planet we include this essential training into our basic puppy/dog course and it is also available for those owners that would like to master this on an advanced level. This is an ongoing training and we do this without any aversive techniques like e-collar etc.
In this short video Grey shows what you can achieve on an advanced level if you keep on practicing regularly. We started when he was a pup of 4 months old and he reached his advanced level by the age of 1.2 yo. He is 2 yo now and we are progressing on all levels with and without distractions. You will be able to do that on your own once you’ve got a training plan to help you to gradually progress.