Services & Rates

We provide science based training and socialisation for puppies and adult dogs using positive reinforcement (rewards based) technique.

Behaviour correction and shaping under our certified Consultant Behaviourist, James



Puppy course includes:

The course of 5 lessons One-2-One (to complete within 5-10 weeks) + initial Behaviourist appointment – £350

  • Housebreaking
  • Socialisation
    Sit stay
  • Walking nicely on a loose lead
  • No chasing (runners, cyclists)
  • Biting inhibition
  • Nice and easy social behaviour
  • Introducing and working with hand signals and clicker
  • Grooming and Handling a puppy

Advanced Training course includes:

(this is an intensive course for experienced owners with already obedient dogs only)

The course of 6 lessons One-2-One (3 weeks – lessons are twice per week) + Behaviourist Appointment – £380

  • Walk to heel without the lead
    Sit, Stand, Down at distance of at least 15 metres by Hand Signals only
    Recall at distance by Hand Signal only
    Stay at distance of minimum 15 metres
  • “Place” training where the dog stays at the place until released or called – at least 15 m distance.
  • Items search and indication
  • And some more options depending on the dog’s and owner’s abilities and needs.



Behaviourist Consultation:

£90 per session

  • Barking issues
    Anxiety/Separation Disorder
    Aggression towards other dogs/people
  • Chewing/Teething/Mouthing

Each Customer and its dog will be treated differently depending on a dog and the problem encountered. It is all as a matter of discussion between you and your behaviourist during an initial meeting.

Location and time – This is a matter of discussion between you and your instructor in order to meet your needs. Training usually takes place in Wimbledon Common as it provides a variety of different situations and encounters for a puppy or a dog.